Shared Projects

A Shared Project is an Axure RP project that can be edited by multiple people at the same time. A shared project also maintains a history of revisions to the project.

A shared project is stored in a typical file directory. This directory is frequently on a network drive where each person who will be making changes to the project has access. There is no additional software to install on the server or computer where a shared project is stored.

Working with a shared project in Axure RP is similar to working with files in a version control system. Each user has a copy of the shared project on their local computer. To make changes to a page, master, or project property, the user must Check Out the item first. After the changes are made, the user must Check In the item to the shared directory for other to retrieve by Updating their local copy of the project. SVN is the version control software used to manage shared projects..

This product includes software developed by CollabNet (http://www.Collab.Net/).


Shared Projects Overview