Editing a Shared Project

Once a shared project has been opened in Axure RP, you will notice a number of changes in the Axure RP environment. There are different icons next to the pages in the Sitemap Pane and masters in the Masters Pane indicating the current status of a page or master.

There is also a toolbar above the open wireframe with information about the current status of the page or master and a button to change the status.

Each page or master can be checked out to make changes, checked in to share those changes, and updated to retrieve the latest changes.

Project level properties including annotation fields, page notes fields, variables, styles, and generators also need to be checked out to make changes.

The exceptions are the sitemap and master list. They can be changed without check out giving the team the ability to simultaneously add, remove, and organize pages.

After being checked out, wireframes in shared projects are edited in the same way as RP Files by dragging and dropping widgets and adding interactions and annotations.


Editing a Shared Project