Creating a Shared Project

Shared Projects can be created new or from existing RP Files.

Creating New Shared Projects

To create a new shared project, go to File->New Shared Project in the main menu. This will open the Create Shared Project dialog. Follow the instructions to specify a project name, create the Shared Directory for the shared project, and create your Local Copy of the shared project.

After the shared project is created, there is a [ProjectName].rpprj file in the local directory. This project file is automatically opened when you create a new shared project. To work on the shared project (after closing it), open this [ProjectName].rpprj file. You do not need to get the project from the shared directory from this computer again unless you want to create a new copy.

There is also a DO_NOT_EDIT folder in the local directory with the .rpprj file. This folder contains the project data and version control information and should not be modified outside of Axure RP. If you move the .rpprj file, the associated DO_NOT_EDIT folder must be moved with it.

The shared directory that contains the shared project contains a number of files and folders associated with SVN. SVN is the version control software used to manage the shared project. The contents of that folder should also not be modified directly without strong knowledge of SVN.

Creating New Shared Projects from an Existing RP File

Existing .rp files can be converted to shared projects using Share->Create Shared Project from Current File in the main menu. This also opens the Create Shared Project dialog for setting up the project.

After the shared project is created, there will be a [ProjectName].rpprj file in your local directory. Open the .rpprj file to work on the shared project. The original .rp file is not connected to the shared project.

Creating a Shared Project