Configure Word 2007 Specifications

The options are divided into the following sections:

General: Enter the Destination File where the specification will be generated.

Pages: Select the pages to be included in the specification.

Masters: Select which masters to include. There is an option to include master annotations in the page sections of pages that contain a master.

Notes: Select and order the page notes to include.

Screenshot: Specify whether or not to show screenshots of the wireframes.

Annotations: Select and order the annotations to include. Annotations can be separated into multiple tables. To do this click Add New Table and select and order the fields to be included in each table.

Widgets: Specify the configuration for specific widgets. For example, choose to includes lists of droplist options in the specification.

Word Template: Select and edit the template for your specification. Choose a built-in template by clicking Import Axure Template or import your own template. A template is a standard .docx file. The specification will be generated where “[[INSERT AXURE SPEC]]“ is located in the file. Select a single or two-column layout.




Configure Word 2007 Specifications