Using Prototypes

The prototype that is generated by Axure RP can be used to communicate your design to clients and stakeholders as well as developers and testers.

Browser Support

The prototypes will function properly in the following PC browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 6.0
  • Netscape Navigator 6+
  • Mozilla
  • Firefox


The sitemap is displayed in the left frame when viewing the prototype.

Clicking on the pages in the sitemap will open that page for viewing in the main frame.

Clicking Close Frames in the sitemap frame will close all frames except the main frame. To reopen the frames, you need to return to the start page or open the Title_Start.html file in the destination folder.

Page Notes

Page notes are displayed in the bottom frame when viewing the prototype.


Annotations are displayed in windows that open when you click on the label or notes image (depending on the prototype configuration) next to an annotated widget.

The annotation window can be repositioned by dragging the window header.

The annotation window can also be resized by dragging the resize bar in the lower right corner of the window.

Note: In Internet Explorer, droplists and list boxes will always appear above annotation windows. This is a function of Internet Explorer. There is currently no workaround except to drag the window to an area without a droplist or list box.


Clicking on widgets with OnClick cases allows you to perform the actions on the cases. For example, a widget with an action to open a link in the current window will open the link in the current window. Similarly, OnMouseEnter and OnMouseOut events will also behave as designed.

Depending on the configuration and if the interaction events have more than one case, a menu of case descriptions may appear at your mouse. Click on a case description to perform the actions associated with it.








Using Prototypes