Configuring Prototypes – Distribution

In the Distribution section of the Configure HTML Prototype dialog, you have the option to Create HTML Help File (.chm) containing the prototype. This option is available as an alternative to zipping the prototype files for single file distribution of the prototype.

To generate a .chm file, you will need the Microsoft HTML Help Workshop installed on your computer. If you do not have it installed, it is free to download and install here. Once installed, you will need to click Locate hhc.exe in the Distribution section and select the hhc.exe installed with the Microsoft HTML Help Workshop. In a typical installation, it will be located at C:\Program Files\HTML Help Workshop\hhc.exe.

If this option is selected and the hhc.exe file is located, a [filename].chm file containing the prototype will be generated to the folder where the prototype was generated. The associated .hhc and .hhp files will also be in the folder. If you are familiar with HTML Help, you can use those files to modify and recompile the .chm file using the Microsoft HTML Help Workshop.

The .chm file can then be distributed. Please note that some email programs disallow sending files with a .chm extension so you may need to zip the file before sending.

In most cases, the recipient of the file will be able to view the prototype by double-clicking the .chm file without installing a player. Windows typically comes with an HTML Help viewer. When viewing the starting Help page in the .chm prototype, the recipient will have the option to view the prototype in a browser