Positioning and Sizing Widgets in Wireframes

All of the widgets on a wireframe can be repositioned unless they are locked.

Most of the widgets can be resized. However, some widgets have a fixed height or are autosized to the appropriate height based on the contents of the widget.

Positioning Widgets

Widgets can be repositioned by dragging and dropping them on the wireframe pane or by using the arrows keys on your keyboard. Using Ctrl+Arrow will snap the widgets you are moving to the grid.

When dragging a widget, holding the Shift key will move the widget along an axis.

Sizing Widgets

Widgets can be resized by dragging the resize boxes in the selection rectangle around a selected widget. If the resize box is not drawn, then the widget cannot be resize in that direction.

When dragging corner resize boxes, holding the Shift or Ctrl key will scale the widget.

Location and Size Dialog

The exact location and size of a single widget or a group of selected widgets can be set in the Location and Size pane (View->Location and Size in the main menu).





Positioning and Sizing Widgets in Wireframes