Editing Widgets in Wireframes

Each widget has properties that can be edited in the design. For example, buttons have labels and droplists have list items, and those labels and lists can have a specified font and font color. The properties of a widget are either edited inline,   through a dialog, or in a menu specific to the type of widget.

Editing Widget Content

There are a number of ways to begin editing a widget’s content such as the list in a Droplist or an image in an Image widget. Selecting a widget and using any of the following methods will open the inline editor or a dialog.

  • Double-click a widget

  • Type F2

  • Select Object->Edit (Ctrl+E) in the main menu

Most widgets also have a menu for editing additional properties. This menu can be found in the Object menu when the widget is selected, or in the context menu when right-clicking on a widget. For example, right-clicking an Image widget will show an Edit Image submenu in the context menu that provides a way to import and remove rollover images in addition to importing the primary image.

Editing Properties with Toolbars

The Text Formatting toolbar contains buttons for editing the text format on the widgets including properties like Font, Font Size, Font Color, Bold, Italic, Underline, Alignment, and Bullets. In addition it contains a droplist for applying a Style and opening the Style Editor.

To apply text formatting to a widget or widgets, select them and click the respective buttons in the toolbar.

For some widgets that contain text, text formatting applies to the entire body of text in the widget. Text in a Text Panel, Rectangle, Table, Checkbox, and Radio Button can be formatted like rich text.

The Rectangle Formatting toolbar contains buttons for editing properties of the Rectangle, Table, and Line widgets such as the Border Color, Border Width, and Fill Color.



Editing Widgets in Wireframes