Custom Widget Libraries

Custom libraries are .rplib files that can be loaded into the Widgets pane. Custom libraries can contain widgets like icons, design patterns or branded elements.

Loading Custom Widget Libraries

Library files saved in your My Documents/My Axure RP Libraries folder will automatically be loaded when Axure RP starts. To load libraries not saved in that folder, select “Load library” from the dropdown menu in the Widgets pane.

Creating Custom Widget Libraries

To create a widget library, select “Create library” in the dropdown menu in the Widgets pane, and create an .rplib file.

After the .rplib file is created, a separate instance of Axure RP Pro will open the library file. Custom widgets are designed using existing widgets and images like a page.

By default, the icon that will appear in the Widgets pane for the custom widget is a preview based on the design. To import a custom icon, right-click the widget in the Widgets Library pane and select “Widget Properties”. Tooltips can be added and will be displayed in the Widgets pane when the Information icon next to the widget is clicked.

To view the widgets in the Widgets pane, first save the library file (File -> Save or Ctrl+S). Then, load the library in the Widgets pane. If it had been previously loaded, select the library and use Refresh Library in the menu. The widgets will be displayed in the widgets pane and can be dragged to a wireframe like other widgets.

Custom Widget Libraries