Interactions are used to attach interactions to widgets ranging from basic links to showing and hiding dynamic panels when a mouse enters and leaves an image.

Interactions are divided into Events. Most widgets can respond to the OnClick event. Widgets like Images, Image Map Regions, Rectangles, Text Panels, and Hyperlinks can respond to OnMouseEnter and OnMouseOut. Droplists and List Boxes can respond to OnChange, and form widgets like Text Fields, Text Areas, Droplists, List Boxes, Checkboxes, and Radio Buttons can respond to OnFocus and OnLostFocus.

Each Event can have multiple Cases. A Case is a possible response to the event. Basic links will only contain one case, but cases allow you to specify dynamic functionality. For example, a button click may lead to two different pages based on information entered on the page. Two cases can be created to describe this functionality.

Each Case can perform multiple Actions. For example, clicking a button can open a link in the current window and open a popup window at the same time.

The interactions will function in the generated prototype and appear in the specification.





Interactions Overview