Customizing Annotation Fields

The fields that make up the annotations are customizable.

To edit the fields, click on Wireframe->Customize Fields and Views in the main menu. The Customize Fields and Views dialog will appear. Using the dialog you can add, remove, rename, and reorder the fields.

Note: The fields are consistent across all annotations on all objects. Removing a field will remove that field and any previously entered information in that field from all annotations in your document. This cannot be undone.

The Label field is a special field that cannot be removed. The value in the Label field appears in the prototype to identify the widget and is used to identify Dynamic Panels and Inline Frames when defining Interactions.

Adding Fields

Four types of fields can be used in annotations: Text, Number, Date, SelectList. To add a field, select the type, enter a field name and click Add. For SelectLists, select the new field in the list and click Edit SelectList to enter the values in the list.




Customizing Annotation Fields