Connectors can be added to flow diagrams to connect flow widgets.

To add a connector, first change the wireframe pane to Connector Mode. This can be done by clicking on the Connector Mode button in the Editor toolbar or pressing F11. Click the Pointer Mode button or pressing F9 will switch the wireframe pane back to Pointer Mode.

Once in Connector Mode, click and drag on the wireframe pane to draw and add a connector.

To connect two flow widgets, mouse over a connection point on a flow widget, click and drag, and mouse up on a connection point on the target flow widget. Connectors can also be attached to flow widgets by clicking and dragging endpoints on connectors to connection points on flow widgets.

Line ends such as arrows as well as line patterns like dashes can be applied to connectors by selecting a connector and using the Line Pattern and Line Ends buttons in the toolbar.

To add text to a connector, double-click on a connector or select a connector and begin typing.

Connectors will try to automatically route around widgets on the screen. To prevent the connector from reshaping automatically, right click on the connector and select Edit Connector->Do Not AutoReflow Connector.