Wireframe Pane

The Axure RP design environment contains a wireframe pane in the center of the application which has a tabbed interface.

Tabbed Interface

The tabbed interface is used to quickly navigate between wireframes that are currently being designed. Clicking on a tab in the interface will select that wireframe to be displayed for design.

Tabs are added to the interface when pages are selected (double-clicked) in the Sitemap or Master pane to be designed.

Tabs can be removed from the interface by clicking the close icon in the tab.

If more tabs are open than can be currently displayed based on the width of the window, the tabs can be scrolled by using the arrow buttons to the left and right of the tabs. You can also reorder the tabs by dragging and dropping them.

There is also a tab menu for switching and closing tabs. To open the menu click on the down arrow to the left of the tabs.




Wireframe Pane