Wireframe Grid

The grid on the wireframe pane can be configured to help position widgets and manage the size of the wireframe.

To open the Grid Dialog, Wireframe->Grid in the main menu.


The units of the grid are set to pixels.


Spacing specifies the distance between grid lines.

Display grid on screen

Check or uncheck this box to display or hide the grid in the wireframe pane.

Snap to grid

Check or uncheck this box to determine whether placing and sizing widgets on the wireframe should snap to the grid. You can enable and disable snap to grid using the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+G.


Click on a radio button to determine if the full grid lines are displayed or just the intersections of the lines.

DPI Setting

By default, Axure RP will render the text in wireframes based on a 96 dpi screen setting. You can change the rendering to reflect a different dpi setting by selecting 120 dpi or Other.



Wireframe Grid