Menus and Toolbars

The Axure RP design environment consists of a main menu, 4 main toolbars, sidebar pane toolbars, and context menus.

Main Menu

The main menu functions similarly to a standard Microsoft Office menu.

Certain commands in the application have keyboard shortcuts such as F5 for Generate Prototype. The shortcuts are displayed next to the menu items.

Main Toolbars

The toolbars function similarly to standard Microsoft Office toolbars. There are 7 toolbars in Axure RP: Main, Zoom, Generate, Text Formatting, Rectangle Formatting, Object, Table, and Share. The Table and Share toolbars are not visible by default, but can be viewed by clicking View->Toolbars in the main menu and selecting the desired toolbar to view.

Hovering over a toolbar button will display the command associated with the button.

The toolbars can be moved by dragging the handle at the beginning of each toolbar. They can also be dragged off of the main window to become floating toolbars.

Sidebar Pane Toolbars

There are toolbars for the Sitemap and Masters panes in the sidebar. These toolbars function similarly to the main toolbars, but cannot be repositioned.

Context Menus

Context menus are available throughout the application for quick access to commands. Context menus are opened by right-clicking the mouse over a particular area or object in the application.






Menus and Toolbars