Environment Overview

The Axure RP design environment includes menus, toolbars, sitemap, widgets, masters, the wireframe pane, page notes, and annotations and interactions pane, location & size pane (View->Location and Size), dynamic panel manager (View->Dynamic Panel Manager) to the right of the wireframe pane.

You design your wireframes on the wireframe pane in the center of the application. The wireframe represents the page or screen and includes a grid to help position widgets.

You can use the annotations and interactions pane to collect notes about the widgets in your design and to define interactions such as links.

You can set the location and size in the location and size pane for a single widget or a group of selected widgets.

You add, open, organize, hide/show dynamic panels in the dynamic panel manager.

Each of the side panes can be detached from the main window to allow more area for design.

Axure RP menus and toolbars are similar to those in other familiar programs, so you’ll find common ways to open, edit, and save your design




Environment Overview