Axure RP addmaster Create and Add Master
Masters are useful when creating commonly used collections of widgets such as a header or footer.
Axure RP clear Create and Add Master

Create Master

Masters can be created, deleted, and organized in the Masters pane.

  1. To add a master, right-click in the Masters pane to open the context menu.
  2. Select Add Masterin the menu.
  3. Click twice on the master slowly to enter “Header” for the name.
  4. Double-click on the master to open it for design.
  5. Drag an Image widget and several Button widgets to form a header with a logo and several buttons for navigation. You can double-click the image widget to add your own image.
  6. Return to edit the Email Page by selecting it in the wireframe tabs or from the Sitemap.
  7. Drag the Header master onto the wireframe. Now, when you make edits to Header, the changes are reflected on Email Page.

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Create and Add Master