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The Interactions pane allows you to add Cases and Actions to Events.
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Add Link / Interactions

Links, and other types of interactions, can be added to any single widget on the wireframe. To add a link, select a widget on the wireframe and click on Add Case… in the Annotations and Interactions pane. Then, use the dialogs to select the type of interaction and set the appropriate options.

  1. Select the Button widget.
  2. In the Annotations and Interactions pane, click on Add Case….
  3. In the Interaction Case Properties dialog, check the Open Link in Current Window option.
  4. Click on the Link hyperlink in the Actions description.
  5. In the Link Properties dialog, select Home in the sitemap and click OK.
  6. Click Done in the Interaction Case Properties dialog.

To quickly add a basic link to a widget, select the widget, click on Quick Link at the top of the Interactions pane and choose the target page.

Interactions for a widgets can respond several Events depending on the widget. These include OnClick, OnMouseOver, and OnMouseOut. Each event can have multiple Cases. This allow you to specify dynamic flow. For example, you can define a case with a description “If login succeeds” and a second case with a description “If login fails”. Each Case can then trigger multiple Actions. For example, “If login fails” could open a link in the current window and open a link in a popup window.

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